We offer homeowner information on hot water heater repairs and care.

Welcome to www.hotwaterheaterbuddy.com™!  We offer online sales and marketing of water heaters, both tank and tankless. We match consumers with qualified plumbers and installation specialists.

Below are some resources for homeowners to learn more about water heater care and advice too.

All homeowners can be taught how to take care of, and the maintenance of their home plumbing systems.  It does not have to be a scary task to undertake.  A goal of this website is to help homeowners feel more comfortable with this.

Learn more about our mission here, and reach out with any ideas you may have with us here too.

 Resources for Homeowners

ENERGY STAR Qualified Water Heaters — Which Type is Right for You?

How to Know When to Replace a Water Heater

Selection tips from the Department of Energy

Frequently Asked Questions About Tank Water Heaters


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